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Holy fuck Shannon Bennett was hot on masterchef tonight *p* 

I laugh a little when I see vegans make blanket statements that eating meat causes cancer, then post all these links to articles on “nutrition” websites whose information is totally unsourced and unsubstantiated, and then I get fucking angry because I realise the people they’re answering believe this shit.

We evolved for thousands of years as hunter-gatherers, that’s how our biology developed. If meat caused cancer and heart disease the human race would have fucking died out a millennia ago you dumb fucks.

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fixed it.

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I’m going on a fat research excursion to the supermarket tomorrow. I wanna  get an idea of how many things/which brands are stuffed with polyunsaturates and I have a feeling it’s going to be…unnerving.


Man Ray - Lee Miller (1930)

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What can we deduce from this photoshoot?

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ASIB is my favorite as well! I would be interested in hearing more detail about how the Golem, the Hound and Moriary mirror Sherlock’s sexuality!

I will! I’m still writing about The Blind Banker, and I want to do them in order because it makes it a bit easier but I’m quite slow. >.> I can’t WAIT to do The Hounds of Baskerville & The Reichenbach Fall, they’re brilliant and I’ve never seen anyone talk about the mirrors in those episodes. :/

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